Once Were Leaders 2016

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Monday 18 July 2016



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A stalwart of political satire, funnyman Max Gillies brings his show to NLWF this July, cataloguing some of his most infamous characters in Once Were Leaders.

Is Australia suffering a leadership deficit? There was a time when politicians could inspire us. But were they really better than the current crop or has our perception benefited from the passage of time?

Max Gillies has been a keen observer of the political combat zone for half a century. His fascination with the ups and downs of political leadership has seen him parody everyone from Hawke to Thatcher and many more.

Once Max used to apply make-up, wigs and prosthetic enhancements in order to disguise himself. He doesn’t have those bits and pieces anymore. But he has accumulated a rich collection of caricatures. Once Were Leaders sees Max share his memories of a life spent on the fringes of power, mining the archive for his favourite game changing speeches.

Max Gillies portrays the following characters during the show:

Bob Hawke
Paul Keating
Graham Richardson
Kevin Rudd
John Howard
Malcolm Fraser
Margaret Thatcher (UK)
Ronald Reagan (US)
Queen Elizabeth
Robert Menzies

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