Dangerous Song – Blue


Sunday 22 July



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As part of the Noosa alive! 2018 program

‘A beautiful one hour film with an extraordinary live soundtrack’. 

Combining an exquisite combination of endangered animal calls with the human voice and stunning underwater cinematography. 

It’s a song for the planet.

Linsey Pollak plays a digital wind instrument controlling sounds of endangered species live-looping layers of music.

Lizzie O’Keefe joins him, weaving her voice in and out of the musical landscape of animal sounds.
This sonic world is mirrored by the projection of an underwater world onto the performers. 
Linsey and Lizzie perform inside a 3D scrim giving the impression that they are performing underwater.

‘Ultimately it’s hard to describe the beauty of this show. With wonder, we realise what a brilliant planet we belong to.’

Duration: 1 hour without intermission.