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Floating Land Symposium


Wednesday 23 October 2019


9.30am for a 10am start until 5pm

Ticket Prices

$75 Adult / $65 Concession (Pensioner; Senior; Student; SCCA Members, artists, creative industry – ID required) – Lunch included

Event Information

Floating Land: point to point is the 2019 iteration of Noosa’s iconic biennial art event, featuring sculptural and performative installations in nature across two definitive and breathtaking sites – Boreen Point and Noosa National Park – and several spaces in between.

Extending on the pressing, poetic and ambitious works that are encountered in the natural environment during the Floating Land Biennale, the Floating Land Symposium provides a platform for in-depth discussion and a sharing of ideas around art’s ability to engage with the environment during a period of unprecedented urgency for action and change.

Across a series of compelling presentations, a gathering of notable artists and cultural leaders will reflect on the dynamic between art and environment; consider what’s at stake both materially and culturally; and investigate the creative inter dependency of Art’s Mark on the Environment, The Environment’s Mark on Art.



Lyndon Davis and Brent Miller – Gubbi Gubbi (Kabi Kabi)

Deborah Hart – CLIMARTE – arts for a safe climate

Masao Okabe and Chihiro Minato – Trees to Trees – Okabe revisits Noosa after 31 years (pictured)

Jandamara Cadd – First Nations involvement in Brook Andrew’s Travelling Colony

Bianca Beetson – Indelible Stain – responding to the history of Murdering Creek

Leah Barclay – River Listening from Source to Sea

Kristian Haggblom – The Blue Sea of Foliage

Domenico de Clario – Floating Land, Floating Moon