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Mr Snot Bottom’s “Stinky Silly Show” **NEW DATE**


Wednesday 13 January 2021



Ticket Prices

$20 Entry / $18 Groups 4+

Event Information

Welcome to Mr. Snot Bottom’s ‘Stinky Silly Show’!!

The Peter Pan of Putrid, The Willy Wonka of weirdness, Mr. Snot Bottom is a hilariously disgusting kid’s comedian brimming with all the gooey, slimy, yucky topics that kids love!

Like a cross between Mr Bean, Shrek and Peter Combe, Mr Snot Bottom is a fast paced roller-coaster ride of all things silly and strange, filled to the brim with tasteless tunes, gross gags and just wrong routines.

Featuring songs co-written with Benny Davis of ‘Axis of Awesome’ and Tom Bettany of ‘The Beards’, Mr Snot Bottom is a children’s comedy icon with sold out shows and rave reviews at various theatre across the country as well as the Melbourne and Sydney Comedy Festivals and Adelaide and Edinburgh Fringes.

Insisting that children and adults are seated together, Mr Snot Bottom transports families to a joyous world where they can gasp, groan and howl in delight!

‘Multi-generational humour for all…this show is a must see!’- Glam Adelaide

Duration: 1 hour