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Neo Vida ‘Somnium’

Neo Vida Dance Company would like to present their 2021 production ‘Somnium’.
The concept of ‘Somnium’ is derived from the Latin word ‘to dream’. ‘Somnium’ translates the subject matter or narrative content of dreams into an expression of dance choreographies with the notion that dreams can reveal insight into hidden desires, hopes, anxieties and emotions.

This contemporary work aims to portray some of today’s societal realities which affect us all in one shape or another. Combining the definitions of creative artistry in dance, visual media and performance art, we take you into this deep slumber as we explore how our dreams and nightmares can teach us something and help us instil a change in our actions, thoughts or behaviours. This is a concept we feel will be felt and experienced in some facet by every viewer alike.

We are extremely excited to present this work.

  • Dates: Thursday 8,  Friday 9, July
  • Time: 6.30pm
  • Ticket Prices: 35 Adult / $28 Pensioner/Senior (ID Required) / Group 5+ $30 / Child Aged 6-12 $22 / Student Groups 10+ $25 (Ring The J Box Office for student bookings)