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Women Like Us


Friday  2 February 2024



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$45.00 Adult / $40.00 Concession (Pensioner, Senior & Student 15 -17, ID required)

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Women Like Us is the stand up comedy sensation created by Mandy Nolan and Ellen Briggs.

An anomaly in their industry – kick arse comics but middle aged women – they realised that it didn’t matter how good they were, they were always going to be behind the 8 ball in an industry that favours under 30’s and is dominated by blokes. After years of performing for women’s luncheons and fundraisers to audiences that fangirled them like crazy, they both decided that there was an audience out there for them – they just had to go out there and find them. And so began Women Like Us.

Eight years on, with sell out shows across the country audiences for Women Like us continue to grow, with a fan base that is now truly nationwide. Mandy reflects on the success of a show she thought might last a year.

‘We’ve taken our show deep into the heart of Australia and to the stages of capital cities, We share the deeply funny stories of women smashing the ‘Women aren’t funny’ myth forever. And guess what, men find us funny too!’

The magic of the show is the combination of talents. The big, warm, outrageous Nolan and the laid back charisma of sharp shooting, natural born storyteller Ellen Briggs.

‘We’ve had heaps of 5 star reviews from Australia’s premier comedy festivals’ says Ellen, ‘but the reviews we take to heart are the ones we get from audiences show after show. They keep turning up, some coming back for the 4th and 5th time.’

So Eight years since it all began they’re even funnier than they ever were. Mandy believes the secret to their success isn’t just that they’re both smart, hysterically funny women. It’s their friendship. ‘While men are welcome we encourage women to celebrate their female friendships at our show – it’s a perfect girl’s night out!’

Ellen is also pleasantly surprised the two are still at it and going strong.
‘We had no idea of how this show would be received and how long we would be touring it. We certainly never thought we’d be still selling out theatres after 250 shows, a podcast, a book and probably 100,000 kms travelled to take it to towns we didn’t even know existed.’

Ellen Briggs is a nationally recognised headline comic, a national RAW Comedy finalist, a regular radio host on MMM and ABC, and was also a guest on the Channel 10 “Hughsey We Have A Problem”. Mandy Nolan is a columnist for the Byron Shire Echo, and writes regularly for Mamamia. The two women have well over 30 years of comedy experience between them, and they also co-wrote and released their book, Women Like Us, which has gone into its 6th reprint now!

Women Like Us is stand up at its best , where Ellen and Mandy talk about housework, chickens, love, feminism, small dogs, big butts, disappointment, resentment, sex when you’re drunk, fit bits, yoga farts and being a menopausal woman dealing with teenage angst. They’re overworked, overweight and over it…

Age Restriction 15+ (Adult Themes and maybe a swear word or two ;-))

Duration: 1 hour 45 mins including an interval



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